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“We had the pleasure to meet many interesting candidates at the Career Fair in Athens, and to discuss with them the career opportunities that are available at the EPO. The event took place in an excellent location and we were absolutely thrilled by the innovative spirit of those who attended.We spoke about our expectations and requirements for future patent examiners and gave attendees information about developing their skills in this direction.Not only was the weather brilliant during the two-day event, but we were also impressed by the high quality of the potential candidates we saw.”

European Patent Office

“Thank you for the hospitality! The event was great. We got to meet valuable candidates.”

ΜΒΑ International, AUEB

“Thank you very much for the excellent cooperation and we hope that you continue to organize these events with the same professionalism and enthusiasm!”

Samsung Hellas

“Thank you very much for the excellent reception and organization!”

ΟΤΕ Group

“Excellent organization, professionalism, very nice exhibition hall, people with drive for working, training and education”

E-Learning ΕΚΠΑ

“Thank you for the opportunity to meet and introduce us to young people in a great event. Keep up the work you do to helping both sides while being a channel of communication!”

Procter & Gamble

“Kariera team, as always, it has been a pleasure! Thank you for all the hospitality and consideration. Also we are always eager to speak to young applicants and this weekend we met a bunch of them”

D.E. Master-Blenders

“We thank you for yet another year at the side of our company, facilitators and stakeholders at the event which has been established. Professionalism, courtesy, immediate service, friendliness and real interest distinguish your team!”

S.C.A. Hygiene Products A.E.

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